Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Danites

Here's a link to my latest upload on ScribD. It's an old essay I did for a History class when I was in school. No groovy formatting, and a somewhat scholastic tone, but that's to be expected. I uploaded it, because Warren Jeffs, the former head of the FLDS Mormon sect, was found guilty today - at long last.

I thought it might be interesting for some people to get an idea of where this group got its early beginnings.

The Danites were a fundamentalist group of polygamists, gunfighters and murderers who terrorized Utah, Colorado and Arizona in the late 19th century. To this day, the Mormon Church disavows any knowledge of their existence.

Enjoy, and PLEASE let me know what you think. I eat attention. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

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Here's the new website. It's still under construction, but you can see the updated magazine on it.

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This is a new site, created by the people who did my contrib page. Don't be intimidated by the mercenary aspect of it, it's just a little something new, I'm trying.

Here's my Yuppie page on Linkedin. Of course, since I'm a jaded fuck who's decided to try making a living as an internet rock star, there's some good jokes on there.
A lot of what I write about is my diet. 1200 Kcal, 120g protein, NO SUGAR, no starch carbs and no saturated fats. The food is potent enough, that even at 1200 calories, hunger isn't really an issue. Where the challenge came in, was the privation. I realized early on, that I wouldn't be able to keep it up if I had to deny myself all my favorite foods. I needed to develop foods and cooking methods that would allow me to enjoy what I ate.

That's where all the chemistry comes into play. Learning how to utilize alternatives to things like sugars and fats. The first actual creation for me, was cheesecake. I scoured the internet looking for a basic cheesecake recipe that I could make. I then had to figure out which alternative ingredients I could use to replace the sugars and fats. The recipe is available in the April issue of the magazine, so I won't go into it here, but suffice to say, I can eat cheesecake - the bane of dieters, world wide - that's almost pure protein with no sugar and only trace amounts of SATURATED fat.

Now, I should point out that although this kind of diet COULD be done in a vegan form, mine is not. I eat food with faces. I'm not saying that with any great pride. I wish I knew of a way to avoid it. Eating meat is a real dilemma for an ardent animal lover. I AM discovering new food sources that are not flesh based, but I don't see a complete transition in the immediate future.

As a final note, I would say - to anybody who's willing to listen - READ THE LABELS. Know what's IN the foods you eat. If you don't understand something, get on the internet and LEARN what it is. This is so critically important, I can't stress it enough. Food manufacturers spend millions on creating obfuscating packaging and deceitful labeling. My favorite example is when a package has "0g Trans-fat" stamped all over it, but the number two ingredient is "Hydrogenated oil." Er... Uhm... hydrogenated oil IS Trans-fat. The serving size gimmick is another. Who eats a half a hot dog? "Only 45 calories per serving!" Yeah, right.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Resume

Here's a link to my resume, all formatted, on ScribD. If this isn't the most fascinating thing you've read all week, than I just don't know what it would take to excite you.

Groovy, formatted resume

The New Issue

Blogger was down the day I put up the newest issue, so I didn't get to put the links up here.

Normal layout on ScribD

Groovy new state of the art website with actual magazine layout.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Taste

Still working on the issue, but I thought I'd throw you this bone.